our cause

Britain needs a future, we are bringing it forward!!

a lonely kid, that is why we are here!!

Progress success future! Kids teen’s adults, disadvantaged underprivileged, the rich and the poor, we do hear it constantly, we all want it desperately, in the daily life and in the future, how do we get it? some will get it on a silver spoon, but some will work very hard, every minute of every day, 7 days a week, 30 days a month, 12 months a year, but still it will be out of their reach, some will try harder, some will give up, some don’t even know they need it, they don’t grasp the situation, a life of crime or living from governmental funding Is the easer solution.

this is why we are here!

our aim:

  • To provide user-led, session’s workshops and out of school programs, of social, leisure and developmental benefits to develop underprivileged children and young people so that they can reach their maximum potential becoming productive members of mainstream society, having a career, earn a living on their own. To have a future, sometimes helping them not to fall back, is important as well.
  • To teach disadvantaged children and young people through numerus programs social skills, Build friendship. Become responsible. Build themselves. Calm their impulsivity. stop them from bullying
  • To improve the conditions of life of children and young people by providing recreational opportunities which they would otherwise be denied. These help them develop new skills, improve their attitude and boost their independence, confidence and resilience.
  • To promote and advance the education for children and young people especially for those for whom English is an additional Language (EAL’s). Sometimes a retreat to help them focus at school. To the museum to forward education. Or by any means necessary
  • To enable disadvantaged children to enhance their educational or physical development or cognitive abilities, through targeted one-to-one sessions, or group seasons, or therapy.
  • To assist working parents, parents of large or dysfunctional families, or families in poverty, or those with sick/disabled children or who are new immigrants. To forward the parents or the children’s future or education. Or just help them get through the day.
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