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you can change a child’s life , for you it is just a few pounds. for them it is their whole world, their whole future,

so lets bring their future forward.

even the smallest amount, can do a lot. but if you really want to make a difference you can donate any amount.

remember we are talking about kids, some of them have ADHD or ADD, can you help them? we do!! help us! they are desperate, and so thankful,

wow! wow! wow! I cannot even began to imagine the thousands of tiny details that have gone into all this! outings activities simple unbelievable!

the whole future is in your hands,

lets do something worth remembering

you can donate a one time amount, or a direct debit. you can set it up from here,

you only need to press donate

if you want to donate to any particular project, you will need to add the project reference.

for a donation of more then £180 there is a option to honour the weeks project, on behalf of a loved one, the kids will remember the name of a father or a mother or any loved ones, just add it to your amount. there is no better way to honour parents, you are helping Britain’s future, you are making Britain’s street safe. you are giving people jobs.

to be in our hall of fame you will need to donate more than £500

for a donation more than 3k, we can even change a projects name just to honour your parents

project Lucy, or something like that, you can call us or email us to arrange the details