project helping hand

imagine a family of five children both parents work tirelessly all day to bring food to their table, but as all middle class family’s they will not bring home more than a thousand pounds, 550 goes to the landlord for any 3 bedroom flat in London, 50 for gas electric, 20 to water, 50 for phone bills, just the basics, the five kids are left with 300 pounds a week even with another 100 pounds for tax credit, they will need to pay for school playgroups between 100 and 500 pounds weekly, so even they will claim benefits, 350 pounds. their is just 200 pounds left, so even somhow they will get another 200 a week. still we didn’t even mention a car, car insurance, shoes, something to wear for 7 people, so their is nothing left to eat, as I seen it some kids go hungry to school, that is outrages and realy upsetting, with our new program we provide bread now for aboat 30 famileis for free,

anouther exemple of a happy ending
a lonely kid , sometimes the family needs help

sometimes we will provide the basics as pampers or tissues, with partnership with in kind direct

last week we heard that one family they don’t have heating, we provided portable heating for the family,

its just the basics that everyone has, and everyone needs, but some people don’t,

imagine if you wouldn’t have. could really grow up as a normal kid?

would you invite any friends to your home.

to donate for this project please add the ref. PRHH

remember this is about Britain’s future