our supporters

we owe you our outmost appriciation from our team and from the thousands benefactors you helped trough our programs, all the thousands of thank you letters, people send us is meant for you too, so thank you

we couldn’t do it without you , we are most grateful.

you changed the future and the life of many kids, their entire generation is in your debt, Britain is in your debt.


  • Charles S French Charitable Trust
  • Warburtons Community Grants
  • jchf
  • The Woodward Charitable Trust
  • Baily Thomas Trust


  • Charles S French Charitable Trust
  • the Jewish child
  • jchf
  • lottery fund
  • Warburtons Community Grants
  • David Solomon’s charitable trust
  • CAF Coronavirus Emergency Fund


everything was arranged for the wedding in Manchester, we were waiting the whole summer for it, so one morning I told Miri with excitement to pack we are going to Manchester, suddenly! Miri started crying, i was in shook, I didn’t know what did I do wrong, I waited till she could speak, and asked her, did I do something wrong? no. answered Miri still crying, no! but I made friends in camp knak I want to join them, and I do want to be at the sister day, where everyone gets a new sister,  I can truly say I didn’t fully understand at the moment, is that really more important than a wedding with all of the siblings and food, but it looks like she found somehow a another place she feels home, I am not jealous, I am happy for her, she needs it, its truly wonderful.

and to all our other private supporters we are deeply thankful

this charity is still young but we are growing rapidly, we pick up there and here steady admirers of our work, as a friend of mine said, you just need a lot of gas to start the train going, we have a lot of projects, but as time progresses, we will not sleep till the work is done, till then our work will just double. but the people who know about us, the people we helped, will double as well

you can be one of our supporters as well

for a donation of £500 or more, your name will go on our wall of fame.

lets bring the future forward.