project building life

as We have a lot of experience helping disadvantaged and normal people with new talents, new gaols, social skills, bringing their future forward.

so after discussing with the local community and teachers, most votes was in the direction we should be open every day, so as demands requires we started a new program, an after school club

only together we thrive

Flowers don’t grow only with a little bit of sunshine

We saw kids if they would been in a normal stat they would have become great artists, singers, dancers, we saw kids with amazing capabilities, unbelievable talents, but they never knew about them, its a pity, if everyone would have discovered talents, then everyone would have a job, no one would steal, the community would thrive, just that is what we want to achieve, we make every kid feel special, needed and appreciated for their own values regardless of skin, Race, Talent, Origin, or capabilities. We give them opportunities to talk, to sing, to dance, to share ideas, and talents. we find in every girl unique talents so that she can shine

to donate for this project please add the ref. PRBL

remember only together we thrive