our projects

we could have written a full page on every one of our projects, and if the time will allow we will do it, but till then this will need to suffice

project friend forever, summer camp donation ref. campknak

everyone with a partner they can rely on

project building life’s, our after school program donation ref. PRBL

project building family’s helping out family’s in need, with their most needed essentials. donation ref. PRLF

project hand by hand , one on one seasons with disadvantaged kids donation ref. PRHB

project helping hand, delivering bread and sandwiches, to big family’s, that the will not go hungry to school. donation ref. PRHH

project future, our art and craft workshop, and dancing classes, donation ref. PRFT

Project science, will be up and running in the next month. donation ref. PRSC

everything was arranged for the wedding in Manchester, we were waiting the whole summer for it, so one morning I told Miri with excitement to pack we are going to Manchester, suddenly! Miri started crying, i was in shook, I didn’t know what did I do wrong, I waited till she could speak, and asked her, did I do something wrong? no. answered Miri still crying, no! but I made friends in camp knak I want to join them, and I do want to be at the sister day, where everyone gets a new sister,  I can truly say I didn’t fully understand at the moment, is that really more important than a wedding with all of the siblings and food, but it looks like she found somehow a another place she feels home, I am not jealous, I am happy for her, she needs it, its truly wonderful.
a different project but the same outcome, a smile for everyone

to donate for to any f this projects specifically, please do remember to add the correct project ref. so we can assign your donation to the correct place.

remember you are helping children in need

disadvantaged children and adults