Coved 19 at the front line:

We are in a war; Only as a team we can win it, together we stand. Help us help the wounded.

The families who lost someone in this war. Or the families who has lost everything in this war. Or the those who has lost themselves in this war

40 families were receiving day-to-day sandwiches salads bread + fruit and veg

300 families are receiving weekly sandwiches salads bread    

We had a major success in securing a deal with three local bakeries receiving food for a fraction of the real price. we received every day 100 sandwiches 400 Danishes 40 salads 60 loaf of bread 

one of the thank you letters we received was from a lone parent I almost broke into tears reading it:

I did not eaten for the last 24 hours, I did burst into tears when your help arrived. I was so happy someone is thinking about me

Mrs k r hackney

hundreds of disadvantage and Teens are receiving tampons free of charge

this week alone we will be distributing over 200 packs of tampons it is not enough but it is an amazing accomplishment

400 families are receiving essentials. Toiletries, and cleaning materials, Persil fairy washing up liquid, Mr muscle, duck, etc. these people suffered enough so we try to give them the brands they need, it may cost us a little more but they should at least feel they are not second class. We try to avoid the brands we would not buy for ourselves even it will cost us less,

We were distributing the last 3 months for these families’ more than 4000 rolls of toilet paper, and 600 boxes of Kleenex tissues, if you help us grow one smile on a child’s face you will understand it is worth the hassle.

Delivering food and essentials has become one of our major day-to-day projects,

Helping the kids to get through the lockdown. With our safety measures in place as instructed by the government. Some kids were on the brink of destruction, kids in depression. We have listened we have send help

sometimes a volunteer was enough, sometimes a listening ear was enough. We are proud to say our measures was %70 a long term solution, we received today thank you from a kid we helped two months ago.

Some of or project have stopped due to a lack of funds. Therefore, I ask all of you we should stand together. It is a worthy cause .

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