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facts and statistics

The future of Great Britain is the next generation, the young people from now, they will form the future of Brittan, we can save the future of Brittan!

the numbers is not on our side, the statistic’s say a story of their own, it is not a happy story.

together we can do the unbelievable!

we can change the numbers!! we can change the story, we can change the future!

that is all we are trying to do

change their future! for the better!

Fact 1: The survey found that  12% of children between the age of five and 1 6 in England, Scotland and Wales suffered from a mental disorder of some sort1.

Impact 1: we helped last year over a thousand kids with social and mental skills.

Fact 2: over 835,000 children between five and 16 have mental disorders in Great Britain1

Impact 2: this year we will grow a smile for almost three thousand kids

Fact 3: There is a 19 per cent gap in development between children receiving free school meals and their wealthier peers

Impact 3: we developed for over 75 kids cognitive capabilities

anouther exemple of a happy ending

Fact 4: Only six percent of young people currently in care will attend university

Impact 4: we have highly skilled staff dealing with these scenarios

Fact 5: The ONS found that bullying and high levels of social media use were both linked to children having a higher level of mental ill-health.

Impact 5: 81 percent of all our participant’s became confidant on a very impressing way

Fact 6: 50% of mental health problems are established by age 14.2 

Impact 6: we have 8 projects helping disadvantaged people

Fact 7: yet 70% of children and adolescents who experience mental health problems have not had appropriate interventions at a sufficiently early age.4

Impact 7: we have 6 projects focused of helping those kids

anyone who wants to challenge any given fact. are welcome to do so, and if incorrect we will correct it immediately,

Thank you so much


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